Aakriti + Hirsh


From Housewarmings to Marathons


"Well, I met him in the summer… of 2014, Hirsh had relocated to Philadelphia for Johnson & Johnson and I had just matched for my first year of residency training also in the City of Brotherly Love. Through a mutual friend's invitation, Hirsh wound up at my housewarming party where I apparently claimed to find him “tolerable” (which he somehow took to mean that I was ‘head over heels’ for him). So he went for it! From happy hour at Sampan to Rutgers football games, the two of us became inseparable. Somehow between my 20-hour shifts at the hospital and his interviews around the country for business school, he managed to surprise my family and me in our annual family ritual - the Rock n’ Roll 10K race in Phoenix. That’s when I knew- we’d be running a wild race together for years to come!"

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