Anika + Gurjit


A "Swipe Right" + "Long Distance" Success Story


 "We met online, on Tinder! I was living in NYC at the time, and flew to San Francisco for business where I swiped with Gurjit. We met for 4 consecutive nights whilst I was there for work and just hit it off. I flew back on the Friday then a month later for July 4th, we decided to meet half way in Austin TX - that is when we both just knew that this was it. We did long distance NYC and SF for 2 months, when I decided to leave my job in NYC and move to SF. Within 4 months, we were living together in SF. A year later, Gurjit proposed to me at SFO right before a Euro trip we had planned. 6 months after that, we both relocated to Amsterdam, Netherlands. And now, this year we are getting married."

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