Nirali + Avi


When Coincidental Encounters Lead to Official Introductions


"We both were students at UCI and crossed each other’s paths several times, but never actually 'met' each other properly. I guess having caught Avi’s attention one of these times, he asked our common friends about me. While Avi was nervous about making it known that he liked me, his friends were just the opposite- they took any chance they got to talk him up and tell me how great we’d be together. So finally, an introduction (or two or three later), followed by a Facebook message, and a week long competitive themed party strategized to make Avi my team’s 'captain', our love story began! 6 years of dating- we shared amazing experiences and adventures together, but also went through some of life's greatest hardships. We realized we were the best versions of ourselves when we had each other by our side which led to an engagement, marriage, and a new life together in Washington D.C.!"

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